My Cool Inventions

My Cool Inventions Radio Network is lifting American families, one invention, one American at a time! Do you have a hundred million dollar product idea floating around in your head? Submit your product at no fee at to our producers and you may pitch your idea live on My Cool Inventions radio. Akos Jankura, "The Solutionist" and John Cremeans "Doctor of Shopology" with a combined 60 years in the direct response industry. Akos and John will provide their experience and give you their advice and pitfalls to avoid and give you the keys on how to successfully take a product from inception to retail. Each week you will learn from the leaders in the industry of Inventing and will get advice from expert guests, and you will be able to be a part of the inventors success through voting on your favorite inventor and product pitch. To further support these inventors and entrepreneurs the second hour is devoted to learning the back ground stories from the inventors on how and why the product was developed. You will have the opportunity to buy from these inventors and further support American Innovation. Take part in this Reality Radio and tune-in every Saturday from 6-8pm.