Nodar Nation LIVE from Contigo Bay

Born in New York, lived in Miami, and grew up in Boise, Idaho. Graduated High School in May 1987, and joined the US Navy. Traveled the World and have lived my life serving God & Country. Author, Public Speaker, Advocate for the Less Fortunate & Marginalized, Elderly, Disabled, & Veterans. Volunteer Work with The Guardian Ad Litem, Diocese of St. Petersburg, Homeless Coalition, St. Paul Farm Ministry, and other organizations. Education & Experience in Ministry with LPMI, Theology with St. Leo University, Divinity with Liberty University, Customer Relations, Public Relations, Sales & Marketing, B2B, Public Service, Communications Ambassador, Communications with USF. The Nodar Nation Radio Network is all about knowledge and awareness within the community and abroad. Sharing knowledge is the reason why I have created my TalkShow and I feel that it is my Obligation to share what I know and that the lack of knowledge is Ignorance, for Nations have perished for the Lack of Knowledge.

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