Latest storm brings more snow to East Coast

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — There's more than six inches of additional snow on the ground today in parts of Pennsylvania. It was dumped by a quick-moving storm that prompted Pennsylvania Turnpike officials to reduce speed limits along the entire system.

Those limits have now been lifted, except in the area outside Philadelphia where a series of crashes last week injured 30 people and left cars stranded for miles.

The storm brought "thundersnow" -- an area of heavy snow with embedded thunder -- to the Pittsburgh area.

Many East Coast states are getting three to six inches of snow today, after the storm moved in overnight from the Great Lakes and through the Mid-Atlantic. Some areas are seeing rain, sleet or a snow-rain mixture as the storm moves up the coast.

Forecasters say temperatures above freezing today should increase into the 40s to the mid-50s for the rest of the week, giving people a break from the shoveling and the shivering.

Yesterday, several inches of snow fell across the Great Lakes, causing Chicago's two airports to cancel more than 1,000 flights.

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092-a-15-(Bruce Terry, meteorologist, National Weather Service, in AP interview)-"one to two"-National Weather Service meteorologist Bruce Terry says once again there's new snow in the northeastern part of the country. (18 Feb 2014)

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